23andMe Engineering

Manoj Ganesan, Software Architect at 23andMe

ML products at 23andMe

Data and Machine Learning are core components of 23andMe’s Health + Ancestry and 23andMe+ services.

Since 23andMe launched in 2007, over 80% of our approximately 12 million customers have consented to participate in research and contribute their genetic and self-reported survey data to help the advancement of science. …

Patrick Yee and Allie Sanzi, Software Engineers at 23andMe


This article illustrates how to architect an AWS Lambda function, written in Python, to stream input data from an S3 object, pipe the data stream through an external program, and then pipe the output stream to an object in S3.


AWS Lambda function is a handy serverless computing service for…

Tulasi Paradarami, Sr. Engineering Manager at 23andMe


In bioinformatics, Variant Call Format (VCF) is a popular text file format for storing genetic variation data, and is the standard output for popular imputation methodologies like minimac. It’s unambiguous, it’s flexible, and it supports arbitrary metadata. A drawback of the VCF format, however, is that it’s a text file…

23andMe Engineering

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